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Tony's Pâté

Original Recipe from France


Tony’s Pâté

Classic French Delicacy
All Natural with No Preservatives
100% Manitoba Sourced Ingredients

This recipe originates from France and has been part of the Jacques family for generations… My father, Antonin (Tony) Jacques, used to make this pate and it was always a hit with friends & family - At that time, there was a local pâté being produced in St. Boniface, every time Dad made his, the two were usually compared – Tony’s would usually win out on taste & texture according to friends and family.

Over the years, several people have asked him, “Why don’t you try marketing this pâté?” Well, easier said than done… Having a large French family with 7 boys and 1 girl, Mom & Dad didn’t have much time nor energy to spare.

As one of the few family members who continued making the pâté over the years, my thoughts turned to what could be down the road – I questioned if there might be a market for this pâté and secondly, would anyone buy it?

I’m proud to say that the answers to the questions above has been a resounding ‘Yes’… So, it’s only fitting to honor our father by naming the pâté - Tony’s Pâté

A big thank you to our many loyal customers who appreciate the exquisite flavor and fine quality of Tony’s Pâté. We’ve partnered with some of the best Specialty retailers in and around Winnipeg with great success. Please take the time to visit their locations listed below.

Laurent (Larry) Jacques 
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